When The Going Gets Tough….

We are, in the very least, facing huge uncertainty. The global economy–are we headed to a recession, how will inflation be impacted, what does this mean to our ability to grow, what does this mean in terms of actions we might take to curtail spending, hiring? We still face supply chain challenges and uncertainties. We are looking at increases in global conflicts. We are looking at the majority of people rethinking their lives and what work means? Everywhere we turn, we see disruptions and uncertainty. Some represent tremendous opportunity, some represent threats, and some it’s too early to know.

But it’s tough times…..

What do the tough do when the going gets tough?

Actually, the same things they do in good times. Some thoughts:

Sharp focus on the ICP. Focusing on the customers that are most likely to buy from you. Focusing on the customers that have the problems you are the best in the world at solving.Intensity of qualification. While customers in our ICP may have the problems we solve, they may not be committed to solving them now. The very best focus on the customers that must/need to address the issue now. It may be customers who already recognize this, it may be helping the customer understand the problem/opportunity and inciting them to take action. The “toughest,” don’t waste time on the wrong opportunities.Disciplined execution, creating value in every interaction with the customer. Helping the customer navigate the buying process as effectively as they can. Helping the customer make sense of the information are deluged with, helping reduce decision uncertainty. Helping the customer move, with confidence to a decision. Caring about the customer and their success, knowing that without that, we can never achieve our goals.Setting the highest personal standards and expectations of those they work with. Knowing there are no short cuts to success, no tricks or manipulations. They are simply committed to doing the work as effectively and impactfully as they can.Caring about their colleagues and peers, where they can helping them raise their game, performing at higher levels.When, sometimes, things have changed so profoundly, the best change. They don’t keep going forward blindly, thinking doing more, more quickly will change their performance. They try to understand what’s changed, they figure out what they need to change. They experiment, knowing they have to adapt/innovate in their own approaches be effective/impactful as things change. Above all, they don’t wait for someone to figure it out for them, they figure it out themselves.

I’ll stop here, you get the point.

When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. They keep doing the things they have always been doing–because they work. And when things have changed so profoundly that what they do no longer works, they figure out what then need to change and move forward.

For the “tough,” for top performers, there is no difference between tough and normal times. Their intensity of focus on disciplined execution makes them stand out at all times.

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