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This bundle includes three valuable resources to help you make the most of the 2023 Annual Planning season.

First is the SBI Annual Revenue Planning Methodology  In this 12-page document, SBI opens up the Annual Planning Framework that they used with clients. This is not a high level eBook. Each page is packed with details and examples.

Second is the 2022 SBI CEO Macro View Report (10 pages) –  The report contains an analysis of results from a survey of 150 CEOs as they face economic uncertainty, talent challenges, and shifting demand

Third is the 2022 SBI CEO Research Summary (10 pages)  – SBI CEO Research Summary in 5 bullets:

  • CEOs aren’t evolving their value creation strategy fast enough given the macro-economic
    conditions. They’re preparing to reduce expense but aren’t determining ways to grow in those conditions.
  • CEO confidence in executing their current value creation plan is concerningly low. Many CEOs are
    slow to evolve from adding headcount to maintain growth rates and shift to a productivity-oriented strategy.
  • CEOs must not only evolve their value creation strategy but prioritize a small set of growth initiatives
    that will maintain, if not accelerate, growth through a recession.
  • CEOs doubt their business’ ability to execute a “productivity pivot” to fuel their growth through
    a recession; adjusting value creation plans and taking early action are key.
  • SBI’s Value Creation Compass provides a simple, powerful framework to help CEOs and their
    leadership teams navigate the evolution of their value creation plan in a highly tailored manner.


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