Introduction to Sales Operations

The starting point for any Sales Operations professional.

We cover:

  • Defining Sales Operations
  • The Evolution of Sales Operations
  • The Benefit of Systems Thinking
  • Guiding Principles for Sales Operations
  • The Six Practice Areas of Sales Operations

Four Modules - approximately 60 minutes

Kevin Raybon · March 13, 2020

Our mission at the Global Sales Operations Association is to advance the function of Sales Operations and the careers of those who choose to build their career in it. In order to fulfill this mission, it is important that we have a common understanding of the fundamentals of Sales Operations.

When you complete this course you will be able to answer:

  • How do you define Sales Operations?
  • Why does Sales Operations look so different from one company to the next?
  • How can I explain what I do as a Sales Operations professional?
  • How do I prioritize all the requests coming my way?

Intro to Sales Operations is broken into four modules that have a total run time of approximately 60 minutes.

About Instructor

Kevin Raybon

A true thought leader in the GTM Operations with a track record of founding and running teams that make a transformational difference, Kevin has been a part of executive leadership teams at NEC, Schneider Electric and Thomson Reuters and, as a consultant, has helped firms from diverse industries transform and operationalize their go-to-market strategies. In 2019, he founded the Global Sales Operations Association and the Sales Ops Academy. A frequent speaker at industry events, Kevin is constantly challenging GTM teams to consider creative ways to improve the effectiveness of their business.

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