Code of Conduct

We want your experience in the SBI Growth Alliance community to be life changing. Please take a moment to read these guidelines, so you can get the most out of being a part of this incredible community.


The very last thing the world needs is another ‘look at me’ social media channel. We have all seen how traditional social networks reward bad behavior, quantification of self-importance, and produce echo chambers with low trust. When these networks become commercialized through sponsorship, the direction and content serve the sponsors instead of the members.

This model is not only broken, but also harmful. By contrast….

SBI Growth Alliance is a community of experienced Revenue Growth professionals dedicated to helping each other reach their Full Potential.

Our digital platform is unlike any business social community. It is designed; not for self-promotion, but for promoting advocacy and mentorship among Revenue Growth professionals.

Founded in 2019, the community has grown rapidly and includes professionals from all over the world.

We work to achieve our mission by publishing insightful content, research, courses, and web events — and by providing a comprehensive peer-to-peer community where you can discuss ideas, ask questions, and engage with other professionals like yourself.

We are an application only community. This means that every new member is vetted through an application process to assure they are practicing Revenue Growth professionals, and to assure they are willing to abide this Code of Conduct.

We are committed to building a community that represents the true diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills in revenue leadership today. The more inclusive we are, the better the community will become, and the more we will all learn. Our community is built on two key principles – Trust and Competency. These inform how we act and the values we hold to.


SBI Growth Alliance is an inclusive community, where everyone can feel welcome and safe. We want every member to know the power of their words, and to feel the joy and responsibility that comes with that power.

This responsibility includes a few important rules. Members who break these rules may have their posts or comments deleted and be immediately suspended. If the behavior repeats, it may result in a permanent ban. For details, see our Terms of Use document. Below are summaries that much easier to read.


  1. No spam, promotion, or selling

    This community is a safe place for learning, growing, and sharing. It’s a place where you can be vulnerable and transparent. That’s not possible if members attempt to use it to sell.

    Do not create posts that promote your solutions or solutions with which you’re affiliated.
  2. Give more than you take.

    Our mission is to help you reach your Full Potential. We want this community to support you throughout your entire journey. One of the most important ways we do that is by giving you a voice — a place to share your ideas, ask questions, and find answers.

    Our collective personal and professional growth requires that we work together to build the highest quality community possible. Please do your part to maintain a quality environment by striving to give more than you take.

    Rather than worrying about what you can get from the community or how you can leverage it for your own gain, focus on generously sharing your knowledge and experience.

  3. Zero Tolerance for abuse, harassment, or disrespect

    Everyone is welcome here. Abuse, harassment, and microaggressions are not — in annotations, discussions, webinars, or private messages.

    If you ever feel abused or harassed, or witness such behavior, please flag the item immediately, or report it to a SBI Growth Alliance staff member at :

  4. Respect privacy of others

    Don’t disclose private information and data of anyone other than yourself.

    Members are not permitted to use information shared on SBI Growth Alliance to sell to other members via other channels. If you witness that behavior, please report it.

    For more information on our commitment to protecting your privacy, read our Privacy Policy.

  5. Debate ideas, not people

    In pursuit of our mission, we allow controversial ideas to be posted, but we expect informed and thoughtful responses from our community members.

    Attacking the person behind the idea is not professional and does nothing to benefit yourself, or anybody else in the community.

    You are encouraged to present opposing viewpoints, opinions, or data. You should expect that your own viewpoints will be challenged, but never that you, yourself, will be attacked.

  6. Avoid inflammatory topics

    Don’t drag politics, religion, or similar topics into your discussions. Accept that we all have different beliefs and enjoy the diversity that brings to our community.


  1. Video Etiquette

    Turn your video ON and keep yourself muted while others are talking.
  2. Participate

    Everyone who joins these events is a practicing professional with a wealth of experience. Don’t be content as an observer – introduce yourself and participate. You will only get out of our events what you put in. That said, don’t overpower the conversation and please allow each person the chance to share.
  3. Submit Your Questions

    Submit with your most pressing questions about the theme and attend the event to hear the experts answer both your submitted and live questions.
  4. Don’t Self Promote

    It’s only natural as a Revenue Growth leader – but instead of promoting your product or service, promote learning by offering your professional insights on the topic.


Career Opportunities and Job Searches
Our community consists of talented Revenue Growth professionals at every level. We actively support career growth and acknowledge the real need to fill openings on your team, and to pursue career growth opportunities as a professional. To support these efforts, we provide a Career Center within the platform which allows for posting of openings and for candidates to submit confidential resumes. Please do not post on the forum about recruitment – rather, submit your opportunities in the Career Center.


By living out these values, we can provide support and help one another grow.

  • Be Great – Strive for excellence in everything you do. Define what great looks like, then do it.
  • Own the Outcome – When you commit to something for another member, do it. Promptly and professionally.
  • Own your Development – Proactively evolve faster than those around you. Take risks to reach your full potential. There is always room to learn more.
  • Inspire Others – Act with enthusiasm that motivates others. Lift and empower those around you.
  • Embrace 1:1 – Invest in relationships for the long term. Be someone others want to spend time with. Develop relationships within the community where you can help others 1:1 and learn from mentors in the same way.
  • Give to give –Give to causes and individuals from the knowledge and resources you have gathered in your career without ulterior motives. There is no need to posture and pretend. In this community you can be real. The only way we can grow is if we are honest about our challenges, issues, wins….and our failures.


Trust speeds up everything. Competency assures quality. Together, as we foster an environment in which both trust and competency are present, we will be growing a community that truly delivers on the mission to help its members reach their Full Potential.

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