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Revenue Growth Professionals are the individuals in a company who set, execute, monitor and/or support the revenue growth strategy of the firm. While these professionals are typically found in sales, marketing, sales/revenue operations and customer success functions, our members also include ELT members and private equity portfolio leaders.

To answer this question, it is helpful to provide some background about the SBI approach. SBI is a growth advisory firm that exists because experienced professionals in all areas of revenue growth decided to take their expertise and use it to benefit others.

The bigger picture? We have seen first-hand the impact that a successful revenue growth program can have on a company and its shareholders….but our heart is in a different place. What inspires us most is seeing the impact that a successful revenue growth strategy can have on individuals and those they hold most dear to them.

We learned a long time ago that our most sustainable strategy ‘ Give to Give’. We know that successful business relationships are based on trust and we believe that developing relationships over time has mutual benefit.

Growth Alliance has a lofty goal, requires a sizeable investment. SBI is willing to make this investment because we feel it is our obligation to give back to the community.

  • Members have access to data-driven insights 
  • Peer to Peer research studies
  • DIY templates and frameworks
  • Sprint groups where we go deep
  • Online courses
  • Career development resources
  • Member only events

Member credits can be used to purchase premium Resource Bundles such as our Annual Planning series. Each bundle includes membership in a Sprint Group where we guide members through the content and help them apply the principles to their business.

Absolutely. Our Growth Accelerator plan provides unlimited access to all SBI Research, premium content across ALL subject areas and comes with a dedicated advisor on call.

The  Growth Alliance was designed as a way for SBI to serve Revenue Growth Professionals throughout their career. It is our mission to help you reach your professional full potential, regardless of whether you hire our firm to help you or not.

Let's Grow Together


Our Values

The Growth Alliance  has a heart for helping our members reach their full potential.

We hold a set of values which serve as our guide. We work to live by these values and encourage our members to embrace them.

Be Great

Striving for excellence in everything we do. We define what great looks like, then we do it.

Own The Outcome

When you commit to something, you do it on spec, on schedule and on budget

Own Your Development

Proactively evolve faster than those around you. Take risks to reach your full potential

Inspire Others

Act with enthusiasm that motivates others. Lift and empower those around you.

Embrace 1:1

Invest in relationships for the long term. Be someone others want to spend time with

Grow the Community

Grateful giving back to causes and individuals from the knowledge and resources you have gathered without ulterior motives

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